Are You Saying Yes to Everything?


Do you ever allow yourself to do nothing?

This is a question I often wonder about.

I am sure, if you are anything like me, you may have gasped, or rolled your eyes at the statement.  You may have muttered under your breath how nice it must be to have time to “do nothing.”

And yet….

I still believe it is one of the most important things we can do. 

Not that long ago, I believed that there was some sort of “badge of honor” in keeping my calendar full. 

The more balls I had in the air, the more important I must be. 

Sign the kids up for ALL the activities, never miss a workout, be on the committees, go to everything we received an invite for, be everything for everyone.  Then I remembered a book I had read just after having our son (one I am currently reading Again), called “The Best Yes.”

If you are ready to delegate tasks in your business so you can say yes to the things that matter,  let’s talk.

If you are ready to delegate tasks in your business so you can say yes to the things that matter, let’s talk.

You see, I didn’t realized that by saying yes to one thing, I was saying no to something else. And it wasn’t always just because we were double booked or two events fell on the same day.

When I said yes to overbooking, I said no to taking care of all of me: mind, body, and soul. 

I said no to giving myself grace that I could NOT do it all. I was said No to meaningful time with my husband and my kids, because the other things, while they weren’t more important, felt like someone had to do them, and who better than me. 

I bet you can guess where that led.

Burnout. Frustration. Anxiety. 

Exhaustion from all the Yes’s that could’ve and should’ve been no. I didn’t want to do ANY of them because I was overwhelmed by all of them. 

So when the breaking point came, I sat down with my planner, a glass of wine, and what wits I had left. And I began to audit my calendar, my life, ALL THE Yes’s, and what they had cost. 

I began to turn Yes’s that were not fulfilling me nor was I the best woman for the job, into No’s. 

I stepped away from commitments that didn’t make sense anymore. I looked for the MOST IMPORTANT yes’s and made them non-negotiable. 

Then, I did the thing that is the hardest of all. 

I asked for help. 


I delegated tasks that could be done, and done well, by someone else. 

Do you know what I found out at the end?

There is no “badge of honor” at the end of this life for being busy. 

There is the joy in the moments of peace that are intentional. There is great satisfaction in being able to scream an enthusiastic YES to things you want to do, you desire to do.

And there is a great peacefulness found in knowing that the world will keep turning if you say no to the things that don’t belong in your life. 

Try it for yourself today. Take five minutes to reflect on your life, on your business, on the balance of it all. See if there are things clogging up your way to peace. Then, when you are ready to stop doing everything in your business and say “The Best Yes”, I am here to help.

Let’s Chat.